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Soft Skin Massager

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As we get older many of us are affected by the appearance of dark circles, bags under the eyes and crow’s feet. Many factors affect the quality of the skin around the eyes, such as elasticity, pigmentation and thickness.

Other factors like hereditary problems, insomnia, exhaustion, skin dryness, random eating schedules, mental stress, etc. can also affect our appearance.ce.

Halo Ion Eye Massager | ADOGADGETS

The first symptoms are elasticity loss, dryness, and hyperpigmentation. Some suffer from a thickening of the skin, others, on the contrary, a thinning. Leading a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the main stress sources are, of course, the first steps to reducing the problem.

Besides the daily use of hydro eye cream, we need an effective device to help us massage the skin area around the eyes, maximizing the effects of the eye cream. Soft Skin Massager (also called “no more wrinkles eye massager") perfectly helps repair eye skin and reduce the signs of aging.

Halo Ion Eye Massager | ADOGADGETS


  • It can stimulate the metabolism and regeneration of collagen, treat fine wrinkles and crow's feet with infrared light. To relieve cutis laxa, small wrinkles, large pores and other issues use the blue light wave.
  • 40-45 ℃ infrared heat improves local tissue blood circulation and local inflammation dissipation with the unique infrared light on. Anion introduction. Forming a local electric field on the skin surface by the ionic charge heteropolar attraction principle. It will keep the product directly into your skin with the movement of ions so as to nourish your skin after you apply the eye cream and skin care products.
  • The 7000R / min microseismic massage can eliminate eye fatigue and relieve dark circles and crow's feet. Able to use with other functions at the same time.

      Halo Ion Eye Massager | ADOGADGETS


      • Main material: ABS PC
      • Rated voltage: DC5V
      • Rated power: 1.3W
      • Battery specifications: DC3.7V / 800mA
      • Charging voltage: DC5V / 500mA
      • Charging time: 3-4 hours
      • Use time: 2-3 hours
      • Motor speed: 8000r / min
      • Head temperature: 40-45 °

        How to use it:

        • Step 1: after cleansing your skin, apply an appropriate eye cream or eye essence around the eyes.
        • Step 2: press the switch button - the yellow light heat mode is on. Close your eyes, move the eye massager smoothly and lightly from the eye corner to the hairline about 6 times/side, then move around the eyes in circles from outside to inside about 6 times/side.
        • Step 3: if you want to use the blue light vibration modes, switch the button off, always place your finger at the inductive silver ring- it will automatically work once the massage head touches your skin- otherwise it will stop working.
        • Step 4: if you want to use the yellow and blue light vibration mode at the same time, keep the yellow light switch on, just like on Step 3.
        • Step 5: use dry clean cloths or clean water to clean the massage head, place it on a dry surface.

        PS. Please don't leave your finger when you use the vibration function.


        Halo Ion Eye Massager | ADOGADGETS
        Care Tips:
        Daily use allowing your eyes rest every 2 hours for a few minutes, stare off into the distance, then close your eyes for five minutes. Keep eyes fully relaxed. Make sure to sleep well, keep your eyes hydrated, do eye movements and your eyes will be full of vitality. It will be more efficient when using hydro eye cream or vitalizing eye essence.

        Package Includes:
        x1 Soft Skin Massager
        x1 Charging cable
        x1 Manual