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Drying Hanger

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Drying Hanger | ADOGADGETS

Our Drying Hanger includes clothing care functions such as moisture-proofing, mildew proofing, anti-mite, sterilization, anti-stain, and deodorizing. It is space-saving, detachable, easy to carry and easy to operate.

Drying Hanger quickly dries clothes in 2-3 hours, with a temperature control system to prevent overheating, no shrinkage/heat damage to clothing. It’s perfect for your drying needs when traveling or in wet weather.

It is suitable for light colors and small clothes such as suits, jackets, dresses, T-shirts, children's wear, underwear. Not to be used with silk fabrics. You can also choose flexible tube attachments which you can use to dry shoes.

Drying Hanger | ADOGADGETS


  • Adopt PTC heating technology, moderate heat dissipation, low power, and good thermal effect
  • With the anti-overheating system, efficient and safe
  • Dries, eliminates bad odors, and sanitizes shoes
  • Minimize the spread of bacteria and reduce the infection
  • Appropriate for T-shirts, singlets, baby clothes, leather shoes, cloth shoes, boots, etc.
  • Portable, lightweight design, easy to store in your suitcase
  • A great practical gift for your family, friends, and colleagues.
Modes to Select:
  • Auto mode: start the machine, it will blow out hot air wind and last for 3 hours, then automatically turn to the cold wind mode and last for 5 hours, finally the machine will enter to standby
  • Hot wind mode: start the machine, manual switch to hot wind mode
  • Cold wind mode: start the machine, manual switch to cold wind mode
Drying Hanger | ADOGADGETS


  • Power: 150 W
  • Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Product size: 420 * 210 * 69mm
  • Packing size: 230 * 182 * 95mm
  • Loadable weight: 5 kg
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • Feature: hot wind / cold wind
  • Control Mode: Microcomputer Type
    Drying Hanger | ADOGADGETS

Package Contents:

  • x1 Drying Hanger
  • x2 Wind tube
  • x2 Clips
  • x1 Flexible tube
  • x1 Instruction manual
  • x1 Storage bag
Drying Hanger | ADOGADGETS