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Icebox Air Cooler

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Icebox Air Cooler | ADOGADGETS

So, how much are you willing to pay to have your rooms cooler and save you thousands of dollars on air conditioning equipment?

You are not the only person concerned about the intense heat that is taking place in the summer, even according to the latest studies issued by the UN it has been concluded that during the last 3 years record levels of temperature were experienced in the spring.

In view of this, a report issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States concluded that, in view of the increase in temperature on the planet, the purchase of air-conditioning had skyrocketed, raising the price of these appliances to unprecedented levels. Today an air conditioner of excellent quality can be costing around 1,500 dollars, a crazy figure, right?

Would you like to have a fresh environment but air conditioning is too expensive? With this invention, it will all be a thing of the past! Stop putting wet wipes on your face to feel fresher! Stop doing magic tricks to make your environments more airy and fresh; scientists from a major startup created a product that will change your life.

From now on, say goodbye to those expensive air conditioners that not only damage the environment due to their high concentration of fluorocarbon gases but can also transmit various types of pneumococci that can generate pneumonia. Introducing... The new and portable Icebox Air Cooler. Its Turbo Dream Breirst technology will allow you in a matter of seconds and in the most ecological way, fresh and ventilated environments.


✔️ Improve the temperature of your environments in a matter of seconds.
✔️ Enjoy three levels of airflow speed.
✔️ Avoid costly amounts of electrical energy, since thanks to its innovative operating design its consumption is very low.
✔️ The long duration of airflow per recharge between 6 to 8 hours.
✔️ Enjoy peaceful nights of sleep, avoiding those annoying nighttime heat.
✔️ Many air conditioners emit high levels of noise, with the Icebox Air Cooler that's over thanks to its suction tube engine that is almost imperceptible while working.
✔️ Choose between 3 speeds and adjust airflow
✔️ With 7 programable LED lighting colors.

  • Icebox Air Cooler | ADOGADGETSIcebox Air Cooler | ADOGADGETSIcebox Air Cooler | ADOGADGETSIcebox Air Cooler | ADOGADGETS

  • 5w
  • 350ml
  • 3 modes (low, medium, high)
  • Less than 68dB
  • 5.8 x 5.5 x 5.5 inch
  • 6-8 hours
  • x1 Ice Box
  • x1 USB charger
  • x1 English user manual