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Led Face Mask

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Led Face Mask | GIZUPP
Since you need to wear masks to keep you and the people around you safe from a pandemic, might as well wear the coolest one you can find.
Led Face Mask is the only place to get a LED Mask, which features a LED sign that is programmable from your smartphone.

Through your phone, display witty and crafty messages, images, or display music bars to the beat of your favorite songs. Whether you are simply walking down the street, or running errands, or at a party, these masks will turn heads, attract attention, and will be a great conversation starter.

Led Face Mask | GIZUPPLed Face Mask | GIZUPP
📲CUSTOMIZABLE: Text or draw your own designs, write your own custom messages to be displayed on the LED lighted mask! Have them in a fixed position or adjust the scrolling speed and direction (left-right-up-down-blinking-snowfall). You can also play pre-loaded animations or draw your own custom designs!
🎃SUITABLE FOR MULTIPLE OCCASIONS: This high technology LED light-up Mask is a fit to face design with an adjustable strap perfect for Christmas, Halloween, Costume Parties, Masquerades, Mardi Gras, Rave Festivals, Carnivals, and more, It is light and easy to wear.
👍EASY-TO-USE: Our app and mask are beginner-friendly, so you don’t need to have any previous experience in coding or programming.
🥰COMFORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE: Made with high-quality breathable fabrics that are soft, safe & comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. With the soft elastic adjustable ear loops, you can adjust for the perfect fit!
🔋RECHARGEABLE & WIRELESS: the LED battery is hidden inside the controller, charge mask by a USB cable, no more accessories, no need for AA batteries. Fully charging takes 2 hours, led mask can continuously work for 12 hours.

Battery Type:
  • Polymer Li-Ion Battery
Battery Capacity:
  • 450mAh
Battery Life:
  • 500+ cycles
Input Voltage/Current:
  • 5V/1A
Charging Method:
  • USB cable
Full Charge Time:
  • 3-4 hrs
Use Time (full charge):
  • 6-8 hrs (varies per usage)
Flexible LED Matrix Display Size:
  • 150mm x 33mm
Charging Protection:
  • Mask indicates battery charging
  • Bluetooth editing
  • x1 LED Mask
  • x1 USB charging cable
  • x1 User Manual